What is new in Java 17?

These are features they have been added in from last release.

1. Language Feature

JEP 409: Sealed Classes

2. Updates and Improvements on Core Libraries

JEP 306: Restore Always-Strict Floating-Point Semantics

JEP 356: Enhanced Pseudo-Random Number Generator

JEP 382: New macOS Rendering Pipeline

JEP 415: Context-Specific Deserialization Filters

3. New Platform Support

JEP 391: macOS Arch 64 Port

Delivers a version of the JDK for macOS that runs natively on Apple’s newer Arm 64 based systems.

4. Previews and Incubators

JEP 406: Pattern Matching for switch (Preview)

JEP 412: Foreign Function and Memory API (Incubator)

JEP 414: Vector API (Second Incubator)

5. Future Proofing Java Programs

JEP 403: Strongly Encapsulate JDK Internals

JEP 403 is the continuation of JEP 396 in JDK 16, which transitioned the JDK from a default of relaxed strong encapsulation to a default of strong encapsulation.

6. Deprecations and Removals

JEP 411: Deprecate the Security Manager for Removal

JEP 398: Deprecate the Applet API for Removal

JEP 407: Remove RMI Activation

7. For OpenJDK Contributors

JEP 410: Remove the Experimental AOT and JIT Compiler

Tooling Support

  • JetBrains IDEA
  • Eclipse via separate marketplace solution




Software developer, feminist,exploring new technologies

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Akshitha Shetty

Akshitha Shetty

Software developer, feminist,exploring new technologies

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