Team work or working alone?

There is a saying “If you want to go fast walk alone, if you want to go far walk with a team”

How many of you agree with me?

Personally I agree with this from a perspective of company or project.

I disagree this when it comes to personal growth . The most of the time when you are a part of big team your visibility is lost. These are few things I want to share from my personal experience.

  1. When you have a manager who favors you based on your mother tongue.
  2. She/he is worried about hurting their favorite ones.
  3. Most of the time you are shadowed by lead.
  4. Though you constantly update what is happening around, still your voice is being ignored.
  5. Teammates presume about you.
  6. Groupism.

These are few things , you really need to resolve with teammates to have good relationship with a team.

When you are working on a great product, it is a responsibility of everyone to bring a team together and respect one another to get a great outcome.




Software developer, feminist,exploring new technologies

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Akshitha Shetty

Akshitha Shetty

Software developer, feminist,exploring new technologies

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