How I practice gratitude every single day

We human beings notice negative things far more often than we do positive things. We notice when someone shouts at us whether it is at home or office or anywhere. We don’t remember the compliments given. When someone compliments us. We would often diminish our achievement, waving that compliment off. We are uncomfortable in receiving compliments. We have forgotten how to compliment others and how to give thanks.
We don’t know how to praise ourselves, and as a result, we don’t notice the good and positive things in our lives. We only notice negativity around us. To be honest we are surrounded by negativity. Everyday morning when we switch on the TV, news channels are bombarded with negative news. You see the news of someone breaking up etc. etc.
I have to mention this, we have set goals so high, every day we go to bed in disappointment, sad, crippling at someone. Have we forgotten to celebrate small things in life?
We can still practice complimenting others, ourselves, and celebrating our smallest milestones. Celebrating what we have. We can look back on our journey, memories we created with celebrating our smallest thing will be a memory of joy.
Thinking positively will attract positive energy to us. Thinking negatively will attract negative energy to us. Which one would you choose?
How to practice gratitude every day?
Every day before i go to bed, i sit in a meditative pose for 5 minutes and ask myself what are the three things that I’m grateful for today. I’m sure you will have 100 things that you are grateful for :).




Software developer, feminist,exploring new technologies

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Akshitha Shetty

Akshitha Shetty

Software developer, feminist,exploring new technologies

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