Most sought-after skill

Let me ask all of you a question, what is the most sought-after skill?

I want you all to pause for a minute and think the answer for the same.

When I asked myself the same question, I thought maybe python, java, or Artificial intelligence. I was mistaken.

That is problem-solving.


Let me consider you have spent time preparing and got expertise in java. You got a job as a software developer and paid well enough. The company hired another one for an equal salary. Day passed by you both started building and fixing issues on the application. Like you, he is also able to solve a problem quickly. As the day passes, he stood different and grabbed the attention of the client.

His fix not only solved a problem and also improved the performance of the application.

Ask yourself a question now, am I competent enough to solve a problem efficiently.

Learning from the above scenario is how important is your problem-solving skill is.

Spend your time on getting better at problem-solving.

Akshitha H




Software developer, feminist,exploring new technologies

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Akshitha Shetty

Akshitha Shetty

Software developer, feminist,exploring new technologies

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