Get started about Git (version control system)

Git is an Open Source Distributed Version Control System

let me breakdown and explain you terminologies

what is Open source ?

Open Source term originally referred as open source software(OSS), Open Source software is code that is designed to publicly accessible — anyone can see, modify, and distribute the code based on need.

what is Control System ?

Basically it means content tracker , Git can be used for content tracking but we use git for source code management

What is Version Control System ?

Version Control System is wise thing to use.Let me take you to the world where Version control system doesn’t exist ,you commit code to repository and something went wrong what next ? that is where version control system come into picture It allows you to revert selected files back to a previous state, revert the entire project back to a previous state, compare changes over time, see who last modified something that might be causing a problem, who introduced an issue and when, and more. Using a VCS also generally means that if you screw things up or lose files, you can easily recover. In addition, you get all this for very little overhead.

distributed version control system ?

A distributed version control system (DVCS) is a type of version control where the complete source code /codebase — including its full version history(all the commits made on particular project)— is mirrored on every developer’s machine

Stay tuned for more about Version Control System in my next blog




Software developer, feminist,exploring new technologies

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Akshitha Shetty

Akshitha Shetty

Software developer, feminist,exploring new technologies

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