7 steps to ensure employees feel valued at workplace

If I give you a two options 1) High salary + not valued at work place 2) medium salary + valued at work space which one would you choose ?

If you ask me this question I would say option 2, most of us want be in a place where we are valued and appreciated.

If a person who appreciated and valued , he will contribute more to the project

How to ensure person is valued ?

  1. Think positive about employees and your group.

Valuing employees in the workplace starts with a simple mindset shift. And, while it’s easy for many leaders to fall into the bad habit of only correcting negative behaviors, the best leaders actively search to positive change their people offer. Take notice of your thinking. As a leader, a slight shift in your thinking can make a tremendous impact on whether or not your people feel valued.

2. Seek input

When you ask employees for their ideas you not only gain perspective, insights, and possibly solutions, but you also might discover how that employee feels about his or her role. Seek input often. Your people will feel valued that you want their insightful contributions.

3. Communicate clearly and often

Most of us think of job satisfaction is a statement that defines a person’s relationship with the tasks they perform. But, research shows that most people who quit their jobs cite, “lack of recognition” as their reason for leaving — not boredom, frustration, or to do something new. If you’re not communicating, your people will make assumptions about how you view their efforts. And, you saying nothing doesn’t typically translate in their minds as ‘good job.’ In fact, it typically translates as ‘they don’t like me.’

4. Encourage effort

Motivation in the workplace doesn’t happen without encouragement. And, employees feel valued when their effort is acknowledged and encouraged. Sometimes it requires a tremendous amount of energy before a goal is reached. That effort needs to be appreciated along the way.

5. Reward results.

There are numerous ways to show appreciation for both large and small results . An employee who creates a huge win for the organization won’t feel valued if the reward is small and seems insincere.

6. Facilitate growth and opportunity

Show gratitude toward your team members by truly becoming an advocate for their growth. As a leader, develop a ‘mentorship program’ mentality. Become the person who eliminates hurdles, opens doors, and helps people rise to become their best. When they see you care about their continued growth and opportunity — even if that means they’ll rise out of your department — they will feel valued, and they’ll remember you long into the future.

7. Connect to purpose

This might seem like an odd choice for showing employees they are valued. Often times, leaders believe the organization purpose is something the employees should connect with, rather than the opposite. The key here is not to focus on the word purpose, but instead spotlight the word ‘connect.’ Employees feel more valued, and display more motivation in the workplace if, and when, they understand their exact role in the greater purpose. When they understand how their efforts play a part in something much bigger than themselves, they feel more valued by their leaders and by their organization




Software developer, feminist,exploring new technologies

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Akshitha Shetty

Akshitha Shetty

Software developer, feminist,exploring new technologies

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