6 Lessons we can learn from Ant

  1. Ants are hard working — Ants never sit idle.Its not in their blood, we human beings should learn from Ant that being lazy only procrastinates. we all have to inculcate handwork in our blood.
  2. Ants never quit — If we try to block their way ,They will go up,down ,sideways but they will never stop. How long ants will try to overcome obstacles ? Till they find a way to raise above it .Does it say us obstacles don’t stop ants . Are obstacles stopping you from achieving goals ? How long you keep trying to overcome obstacles ? if obstacles doesn’t stop ants from its goal , why is it stopping us? it shouldn’t stop us either .Every obstacles in a way makes to you well prepared to face next obstacles , be strong and keep moving then only you can achieve your goal.
  3. Ants are farsighted — Are they thinking about summer in summer , if you think so you are wrong. They are busy collecting food and preparing for the winter , that’s why they are moving everywhere in summer season. what does it teach us ? are you like ants, not only thinking about today, also have a eye on future ?
  4. Ants have a work-life balance — They work during summer and rest during winter ,they go into hibernation in the winter. They know when to stop working . Are you like ant have work life balance? if not think about it.
  5. Ants are purpose driven — Their only purpose is to collect food for their mates.They don’t distracted from their focus . Are you like ant purpose driven ? Are you one who is getting distracted soon from your purpose ?Are acting on distraction?or you carry with distraction ? if not start taking action on your distraction . Try be purpose driven always.
  6. Ants can carry big responsibility — Although they are small , their contribution is big,They can handle unto 100 times their body weight !!

Try to be hardworking ,have attitude of I will never quit ,farsighted , have a work-life balance,be purpose driven , be capable to carry big responsibility.




Software developer, feminist,exploring new technologies

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Akshitha Shetty

Akshitha Shetty

Software developer, feminist,exploring new technologies

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