5 reasons why Google Chrome is successful browsers than others

Akshitha Shetty
3 min readOct 21, 2021

With massive advance in the technology. Every corner of the world is able to access the internet. Today I’m reaching to you all with the help of internet. What Google Chrome gave us better ? In finger tip you will be able to get the information of your favorite thing. There are minor and major browsers in which Google Chrome is the top in the list.

This leads us to the question of why the Google Chrome browser is the best so far. Well, several websites have had a chance to show substantial differences. It is often said that there is always a rival when it comes to being the best, and in this case, the Mozilla Firefox is another exceptional browser competing with Chrome.

Since we are interested in knowing why Google Chrome is the most preferred browser out of hundreds of others, Let us look at , what it gives to its users make it different.


There is one thing about Google, and that is the fact that they have brilliant minds on deck to ensure a safe and secure platform. They are a group of engineers who work tirelessly to make sure that internet services are controlled to the maximum level. It is easier to say that security is their topmost priority.

These engineers make use of a number of web-based products to control these different functions. They even make sure that whatever update they are introducing has security protocols and fixes against bugs. This is one quality that has made them outstanding over the years amidst other browsers. There are source codes to help too.

Ease to Use

Another great thing about Chrome is the ease of use of the platform. Every feature or protocol on the browser has been designed simple and easy. It doesn’t take too much time to set up and start using. There is a good probability that you are reading this from a Chrome browser, so how do you feel?

Unlike some browsers that are difficult to use, it gives you easy access to whatever you want. In fact, when other browsers are redirecting or popping annoying ads, chrome has a way of getting rid of that for you. This is why it is the best choice; you wouldn’t think twice before making it your default browser.


One attribute of most browsers is the ability to give you what you want quickly. However, when it comes to Google Chrome, it gives you even before you search for it. Sometimes, you would think it reads your mind and knows your intentions.

The speed of processing information and giving back reports is outstanding. Although, there have been several arguments on the fastest browser between Chrome and Firefox; a new update from Mozilla has settled it. Hence, you can have a site load times as you want using Chrome and won’t be disappointed.

Platform Independent :

One common thing about some browsers like Internet explorer is that they are dependent on windows PC. When it comes to Chrome, it is a sole platform, i.e., works without the help of any system or PC. This means that it can be accessed on different devices.

With this kind of browser, you can find Chrome for mac users, android users, Linux users, etc. without stress. All you have to do is download, install and start using. This definitely makes another factor why it is better than others.

Chrome Fast Updates :

Updating a device has its benefits; hence, software like Google chrome needs to be updated too. There are several reasons why you should update the Chrome browser, and one of them is because of the increasing number of applications with data.

It is made with modern technologies which require Chrome upgrade to ensure support. Now, the engineers understood the need for this, that is why they have created a system whereby updates are ultra-fast and less-time consuming. This enhances better browsing.