5 awesome gadgets can save your time


Most of the time we would be in a hurry in the morning. Colgate company is manufacturing this smart brush for all the busy bees. This smart brush will rule out the germs in just ten seconds as the sensors in this ‘Plaqless Pro’ brush will scan and work on the germs. It even makes us know the percentage of germs cleaned.

Scissors and tape all in one :

Have you ever felt holding the tape and cutting is hard , this smart gadget is for you.

Vegetable slicer:

Sometimes it is difficult and boring to do vegetable slicer, here is a smart gadget for you.

Remote Control Mop:

Cut down on your household chores and cleaning with this nifty gadget. The Remote Control Mop turns cleaning into a fun game — who knew it was possible?

Herb Scissors:

These handy herb scissors are ideal for anyone who loves cooking. The five blades mean you can effectively cut herbs into food as you cook — a handy time saver!



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